The Study

With our bedroom and guest room finished, we were finally in a position to put our plans for the third bedroom into action. We decided fairly early on that we wouldn’t be using it as a bedroom, firstly as we didn’t require a third one and secondly as it seemed a shame to waste a… Continue reading The Study

Our Bedroom

The living room was the first room that we started with when it came to refurbishing our house, but it was actually our bedroom that was the first to be finished. Darren and I instantly agreed when choosing this room as our bedroom as opposed to either of the other two, partly because it faced… Continue reading Our Bedroom

The Sitting Room

To say that I disliked what we originally called the ‘middle room’ in our house would be an understatement, as it honestly put me off buying the property when we viewed it. I was frantically shaking my head, pulling bemused faces at Darren and feeling desperate to leave.  To quote myself: “No way. Not a… Continue reading The Sitting Room

The Living Room

The living room became our first interior project for many reasons, firstly as it was at the forefront of the house and therefore the room that Darren and I felt people would first look into from both inside and outside of it. We also felt that the living rooms in our previous homes had been… Continue reading The Living Room