If Things Were Normal

If things were normal, I would have been in work until at least 12pm today. I’d have probably bought a breakfast bun to keep me going because I was getting into the habit of that on a Friday. Along with Thai Wednesday and Chippy Thursday, our team were doing a great job of maintaining unhealthy… Continue reading If Things Were Normal

Do We Say “I Love You” Enough?

I recently overheard a conversation between two young girls that agreed the phrase 'I Love You' is overused. I completely disagreed with what I heard, but I didn't say anything at the time. Those that know me will agree that I'm a go-home-and-write-about-it kind of girl. So here I am, writing about it. I don't… Continue reading Do We Say “I Love You” Enough?

The Story Behind The Picture at Prague’s Love Lock Bridge

Every photograph tells a story, or so they say, so I thought I’d choose one of my favourites and share the tale behind it. This one was taken on Monday 30th May 2016 – the happiest day of my life to date. Darren and I are stood at the Love Lock Bridge in Prague city.… Continue reading The Story Behind The Picture at Prague’s Love Lock Bridge

What is Happiness?

Lying under a sky full of stars.. Falling asleep in the arms of someone you love.. Waking up from a picture perfect dream.. Watching the sun rise and shine.. Laughing so much you struggle to speak.. Achieving something you worked so hard for.. Getting over something you've struggled to deal with.. The knowledge of having… Continue reading What is Happiness?

11 Signs that Your Other Half is Also Your Best Friend

1. They give great advice. They'll suggest that you avoid finishing your chocolate bar because they know you'll regret it. You might suspect that they've got their eye on it, but they're still bang on. Every time! 2. You gossip together. It’s not unusual for your conversations to start with “You’ll never believe who ignored… Continue reading 11 Signs that Your Other Half is Also Your Best Friend