The Hallway

Although it's not a room in itself, the hallway is quite a focal point within our house so I thought I'd blog about the changes that we have made to it since moving in. Originally, the walls had been painted a pale yellow colour and the carpet was beige (and very dirty!). BEFORE: We decided… Continue reading The Hallway

The Bathroom

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is based within the extension at the back of our house. Its story is similar to that of the kitchen in that we decided to clean the room up and accessorise it as opposed to completely renovate it. This was in order to speed up the process of moving… Continue reading The Bathroom

The Kitchen

We were lucky enough to have an extension already built onto the back of our house when we bought it. Inclusive of a large kitchen and bathroom, the extension makes the whole house more open and spacious. We felt so grateful to have landed on our feet particularly with a huge fitted kitchen that we… Continue reading The Kitchen