Review: Boogie Bounce (A Fun Way To Keep Fit)

I started 2016 with many New Year’s resolutions, once of which was to get fit (or fitter than I was, at the very least!). As the majority of my hobbies involve me being inactive, like writing, blogging and watching films - I decided that I needed some form of exercise to get me energised. Thinking… Continue reading Review: Boogie Bounce (A Fun Way To Keep Fit)

My Love For ‘The 1975’

I watched The 1975 perform at Manchester Academy on Wednesday 8th January 2014 and I can't stop thinking about how amazing they were! Afore the glow of their signature logo of a vertical white rectangle, the band coolly strolled on stage dressed in their trademark dark clothes and armed with bottles of wine. The band… Continue reading My Love For ‘The 1975’