If Things Were Normal

If things were normal, I would have been in work until at least 12pm today. I’d have probably bought a breakfast bun to keep me going because I was getting into the habit of that on a Friday. Along with Thai Wednesday and Chippy Thursday, our team were doing a great job of maintaining unhealthy… Continue reading If Things Were Normal

Back to Where it All Started in Prague

It’s been almost two years since Darren and I visited Prague for the first time. Almost two years since I experienced happiness like I’d never known - until the beautifully perfect moment in which he proposed to me. I‘m sure some of you remember me sharing the photo that told the tale and writing about… Continue reading Back to Where it All Started in Prague

Honeymoon Diaries: Day 11 & Day 12

Day 11: Today was our last day of sailing on board Rhapsody of the Seas and our last full day of our honeymoon adventure. It was also our most relaxing day yet and the first time that we'd actually had nothing to do or nowhere to be (unless you count having to collect our hundreds… Continue reading Honeymoon Diaries: Day 11 & Day 12

Honeymoon Diaries: Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3: We decided to go to Lido beach today and what a day it was! After a 40 minute boat ride, we arrived on the island and went for lunch. I had my first proper Italian pizza (ham and mushroom) and Darren opted for lasagne. We headed to the Playa Blanca bar and relaxed… Continue reading Honeymoon Diaries: Day 3 & Day 4

The Things We Learned During our First Visit to Prague

Anyone that has spoken to me recently is sure to know what a fabulous five day city break I recently spent in Prague with my boyfriend (ahem – fiancé!) Darren. Not only was it one of the most enjoyable holidays we’ve ever shared and definitely one of the most memorable, but we actually learned plenty… Continue reading The Things We Learned During our First Visit to Prague

8 Things We All Miss from Childhood

There are so many great things about childhood that just do not transfer into adulthood. Read on for the eight things that I miss the most (and feel that everyone else does too!). Being Carried to Bed Having the freedom to drop to the floor for a power nap was good enough, but the comfort… Continue reading 8 Things We All Miss from Childhood

A “Proper” Night Out in Barrow-in-Furness

You're 16 years old. Everyone around you is wearing random fancy dress items with absolutely no meaning and for no apparent reason. You're feeling boss in a pink fluffy sash and tinted sunglasses. You're heading to Chambers. When your taxi pulls up and you climb out with your crew, you feel like you're rocking the… Continue reading A “Proper” Night Out in Barrow-in-Furness