Review: Protein Bars

Upping your protein intake can be quite a challenge. There are only so many eggs you can eat before you find your fat intake rapidly increasing and although tuna is both tasty and versatile, relying on it as your sole protein source would inevitably lead to getting sick of it. Neither food is ideal for… Continue reading Review: Protein Bars

Recipe: Tuna Cakes

Tuna cakes are easy to make, taste amazing and are perfect for taking to work for lunch the next day. This recipe is a little bit messier to make than the other options as it involves using your hands to form the cakes but it’s definitely worthwhile as it’s quick, easy and only requires three ingredients.… Continue reading Recipe: Tuna Cakes

Recipe: Veggie Pitta Pizza

Once you find yourself stuck in the habit of having the same things for lunch and helplessly relying on unhealthier options, it can actually be really hard to break out of your routine and try to think of new things to eat. Recently I’ve been doing my research into healthy meals and I’ve found some… Continue reading Recipe: Veggie Pitta Pizza