My Boogie Bounce Charity Night for Alice’s Escapes

The fabulous charity Alice's Escapes is the legacy of 17-year-old Alice Pyne, who fought a brave battle against Hodgkin's lymphoma and sadly passed away with her family at her bedside in 2013. Alice won the hearts of the nation through her courageous approach to her impending death, demonstrated through the medium of her online blog… Continue reading My Boogie Bounce Charity Night for Alice’s Escapes

Review: Protein Bars

Upping your protein intake can be quite a challenge. There are only so many eggs you can eat before you find your fat intake rapidly increasing and although tuna is both tasty and versatile, relying on it as your sole protein source would inevitably lead to getting sick of it. Neither food is ideal for… Continue reading Review: Protein Bars

Review: Boogie Bounce (A Fun Way To Keep Fit)

I started 2016 with many New Year’s resolutions, once of which was to get fit (or fitter than I was, at the very least!). As the majority of my hobbies involve me being inactive, like writing, blogging and watching films - I decided that I needed some form of exercise to get me energised. Thinking… Continue reading Review: Boogie Bounce (A Fun Way To Keep Fit)