8 Things Barrovians Love to do at Christmas Time

Visit Hayes Garden Centre Christmas would not be complete for any Barrovian without a trip up the Lakes to visit Hayes. In fact (in true M&S style) any Barrovian will persist that this is not just your everyday garden centre: THIS IS HAYES! The trees, the music, the lights, the atmosphere, even the sparkly baubles – it’s… Continue reading 8 Things Barrovians Love to do at Christmas Time

Film Review: The Impossible (2012)

I can remember seeing a shaky handheld camera shot of the moment in which a destructive Tsunami surged out of the Indian Ocean and shook our planet on 26th December (Boxing Day), 2004. It then proceeded to tear through South East Asia, hitting countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand the hardest. It destroyed… Continue reading Film Review: The Impossible (2012)