What is Happiness?

Lying under a sky full of stars.. Falling asleep in the arms of someone you love.. Waking up from a picture perfect dream.. Watching the sun rise and shine.. Laughing so much you struggle to speak.. Achieving something you worked so hard for.. Getting over something you've struggled to deal with.. The knowledge of having… Continue reading What is Happiness?

A Warning to all Sun Lovers

Any member of my family and all of my friends will tell you that I worship the sun. It's never been a secret! In fact, everyone that knows me will agree that I can lounge in it for hours and that my skin will turn a deep dark shade of brown in the process. I've… Continue reading A Warning to all Sun Lovers

8 Things We All Miss from Childhood

There are so many great things about childhood that just do not transfer into adulthood. Read on for the eight things that I miss the most (and feel that everyone else does too!). Being Carried to Bed Having the freedom to drop to the floor for a power nap was good enough, but the comfort… Continue reading 8 Things We All Miss from Childhood

8 Things Barrovians Love to do at Christmas Time

Visit Hayes Garden Centre Christmas would not be complete for any Barrovian without a trip up the Lakes to visit Hayes. In fact (in true M&S style) any Barrovian will persist that this is not just your everyday garden centre: THIS IS HAYES! The trees, the music, the lights, the atmosphere, even the sparkly baubles – it’s… Continue reading 8 Things Barrovians Love to do at Christmas Time

A “Proper” Night Out in Barrow-in-Furness

You're 16 years old. Everyone around you is wearing random fancy dress items with absolutely no meaning and for no apparent reason. You're feeling boss in a pink fluffy sash and tinted sunglasses. You're heading to Chambers. When your taxi pulls up and you climb out with your crew, you feel like you're rocking the… Continue reading A “Proper” Night Out in Barrow-in-Furness

What I Believe About Love

One day you will find someone that makes you lose yourself. Nothing will appeal to you or affect you quite in the way that they will. You will be taken in by every fibre of their being and you will feel powerless to stop it. Without hope or intention, you will naturally pursue love. You… Continue reading What I Believe About Love

11 Signs that Your Other Half is Also Your Best Friend

1. They give great advice. They'll suggest that you avoid finishing your chocolate bar because they know you'll regret it. You might suspect that they've got their eye on it, but they're still bang on. Every time! 2. You gossip together. It’s not unusual for your conversations to start with “You’ll never believe who ignored… Continue reading 11 Signs that Your Other Half is Also Your Best Friend

My Anti-Bucket List

If you didn’t already know, a bucket list is literally a list of things that a person aspires to experience or achieve before they kick the bucket, bite the dust, pop their clogs or whichever other way they might wish to characterise the inevitable occurrence of their own death. Bucket lists have become more popular… Continue reading My Anti-Bucket List

Before You Call Anyone ‘Fat’, Stop.

I hate the word ‘fat’. How cruel does it sound when you say it out loud? Almost as harsh as it actually is. To most people ‘fat’ is merely an adjective but for those that have struggled with their weight; it’s far deeper than that. It’s a tormenting insult. It's upsetting enough to physically hurt.… Continue reading Before You Call Anyone ‘Fat’, Stop.

50 Questions About Me

TMI is a blog tag that involves answering fifty random questions about yourself and your life. Standing for Too Much Information, some of the questions in the tag are fairly personal and are evidently intended to help your blog readers get to know the real you. I thought I'd give it a go and answer… Continue reading 50 Questions About Me