A Pandemic Pregnancy: My Thoughts on the Maternity Restrictions

It appears that the NHS have revised their restrictions on maternity appointments, labour and birth, which now means that expectant mums in England are allowed to have one person with them at all times, particularly during the birth of their baby and their immediate postnatal period. At 30 weeks pregnant myself, I’m happy about this.… Continue reading A Pandemic Pregnancy: My Thoughts on the Maternity Restrictions

A Golden Wedding Anniversary for a Golden Couple

Fifty years ago today, my Nanna Doris and Grandad Harry got married. They were so excited to celebrate their Golden Anniversary together this year and when we told them it would fall on a Saturday, Nanna was adamant that they would have a party! She gave me and Darren a list of the people she… Continue reading A Golden Wedding Anniversary for a Golden Couple

If Things Were Normal

If things were normal, I would have been in work until at least 12pm today. I’d have probably bought a breakfast bun to keep me going because I was getting into the habit of that on a Friday. Along with Thai Wednesday and Chippy Thursday, our team were doing a great job of maintaining unhealthy… Continue reading If Things Were Normal

Looking For Silver Linings

The last five weeks have been the most difficult of my life so far. I know that I am not alone when I say that. Testing, draining and seemingly impossible does not even begin to cover it. Isolation challenges us in many different ways. For a start, it leads us to be faced with truths… Continue reading Looking For Silver Linings

A Letter to My Nanna

Hiya Nan. I dreamt of you again and woke up at 3.30. I lay there for an hour but thoughts of you lingered. I got up quietly at 4.30 but Darren noticed straight away. He asked where I was going and if I was okay. I told him I needed to write to you. The… Continue reading A Letter to My Nanna

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. It's not an overstatement or an exaggeration - it's the scary truth and it's affecting us all. I personally have struggled to settle my mind since it all started. I wrote a list of all of the people that my heart goes out to during this difficult time,… Continue reading The Coronavirus Pandemic

My Visit to Auschwitz, Krakow

During my visit to Krakow, it felt absolutely necessary to visit the concentration camps, Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II - Birkenau. Lots of associated phrases spring to my mind on hearing those titles. They are not only concentration camps, but locations of torture, destruction, and evil. Homes of war, scenes of suffering, sites of mass… Continue reading My Visit to Auschwitz, Krakow

Do We Say “I Love You” Enough?

I recently overheard a conversation between two young girls that agreed the phrase 'I Love You' is overused. I completely disagreed with what I heard, but I didn't say anything at the time. Those that know me will agree that I'm a go-home-and-write-about-it kind of girl. So here I am, writing about it. I don't… Continue reading Do We Say “I Love You” Enough?

Seize The Day

Life is far too short to waste time on unimportant factors. Remember that each day is precious and seize it. Instead of regrets and what ifs, accept and move on. Instead of missing out, make more plans. Instead of feeling down, make those changes. Instead of being bitter, be thankful for the lessons you've learned. Always look… Continue reading Seize The Day