How I Felt after Giving Birth

It’s been months since I wrote about my first pregnancy, and well over a year since that journey ended, because my story of becoming a mum started. After I’d given birth, the event itself was pretty much all I could think about, and although the passage of time leads to memories finding little storage spots… Continue reading How I Felt after Giving Birth

My First Pregnancy Story

In the year of 2020, all of our contact with family and friends was limited, which meant that physical support for any life experience was sparse. That made it a funny old year to find out that my husband and I were expecting our first baby. I will never forget seeing the word ‘PREGNANT’ staring… Continue reading My First Pregnancy Story

Advice on Keeping Calm during Pregnancy, and Managing Any Maternal Anxiety

There are many methods that you can choose from to aid any pregnancy or maternity based anxiety that you might have, and today I’m going to share the ones that personally worked for me. It’s vitally important that you talk to your GP if your own concerns feel overwhelming at all. Please note that I… Continue reading Advice on Keeping Calm during Pregnancy, and Managing Any Maternal Anxiety

A Positive Pregnancy Affirmation

The experience of finding out you are pregnant is an overwhelming one. Whether or not it’s something you planned for. Whether or not you had an inkling that you might be carrying a baby. The overall journey is different for everyone, and that exact moment of discovery can fall anywhere between exciting and terrifying. I… Continue reading A Positive Pregnancy Affirmation