A Golden Wedding Anniversary for a Golden Couple

Fifty years ago today, my Nanna Doris and Grandad Harry got married. They were so excited to celebrate their Golden Anniversary together this year and when we told them it would fall on a Saturday, Nanna was adamant that they would have a party! She gave me and Darren a list of the people she wanted to invite. Bless her heart – she even knew the sandwiches she wanted to order (from M&S)! I assured her that we would plan the perfect day for them. It never crossed our minds that none of it would be possible.

Their marriage was Nanna’s proudest accomplishment and it breaks my heart that she didn’t make it to celebrate the 50 year mark with Grandad today. But a love that strong and deep does not get forgotten. Instead it is remembered, admired and cherished. These two beautiful people taught me all about true love through the bond that they shared. They showed me how real and pure it is, how it’s not always sunshine and rainbows (sometimes tears and arguments), but that if you are honest and true to each other, there for each other no matter what, and you keep on laughing together, then it really will last forever.

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