The Guest Room / The Nursery

We decided that we didn’t actually need our other two bedrooms to be used as bedrooms with just the two of us living in the house. However, we knew that we definitely wanted one of them to be utilised as a guest room for our family and friends to stay in when they visit. We agreed on the same room for the guest room as it felt much more homely than the other bedroom which is bigger in terms of length but quite narrow (and perfect for another idea we had but that’s for another blog post!). There was nothing present in the room apart from grey carpet, a blue blind and cream paint on the walls but even that was chipped and falling off.




I started on the walls using polyfilla to fill cracks before my Grandad sanded and painted. As we wanted the room to be gender neutral, we decided on pale green walls to compliment an otherwise black and silver colour scheme. Darren set out on sorting the ceiling which was also badly cracked and once he had that gleaming, he moved onto fitting the laminate flooring. We were so impressed with the awesome job he did for his first shot! At this point, I installed a wall transfer with a quote we both really like and then we began to look at furniture. We went for a black leather bed and opted for matching black and silver New York skyline bedding. Next we chose an oak wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table (all from B&Q). Eventually we got to the best part – accessorising! We got black curtains and found a matching black and silver lampshade, bedside lamp and mirror which all looked great too. As we loved the idea of a city theme for the room, our finishing touches were a New York skyline blind (a fab match for the bedding) and a city landmarks photo frame which fit perfectly onto the wall.



*In September 2020, we found out we were expecting a little boy! At that point we started a 3 month project to turn our Guest Room into a Peter Rabbit themed Nursery*

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