The Hallway

Although it’s not a room in itself, the hallway is quite a focal point within our house so I thought I’d blog about the changes that we have made to it since moving in. Originally, the walls had been painted a pale yellow colour and the carpet was beige (and very dirty!).




We decided to completely change it and go for a much more modern look. After we had blitzed the stairway, we swapped the yellow walls and beige carpet for a completely grey look. Prior to this, we tried lilac but we soon realised that was a massive mistake and repainted the whole lot! We also had a brand new front door fitted, which was much needed seeing as the previous door wasn’t the most trustworthy and the inside handle persistently fell off. Now however, not only can we walk around the hall without our shoes on but I no longer have to worry about leaving the house with the door handle in my hand (which actually happened a few times!).


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