Our Bedroom

The living room was the first room that we started with when it came to refurbishing our house, but it was actually our bedroom that was the first to be finished. Darren and I instantly agreed when choosing this room as our bedroom as opposed to either of the other two, partly because it faced the front of the house and it was the most uniquely shaped, but primarily because it was the biggest of the three.

The room was originally completely empty apart from a white lampshade and matching curtains, with yellow walls and blue carpet.




It was Darren’s dad Colin that chose this room as his personal project, promising to have it looking exactly as we wanted it to within just two weeks of us getting our keys. This was at the stage when he and Darren were still desperately trying to convince me that we’d made a good decision buying a house that needed so much work. Needless to say that was probably a more difficult job than the actual decorating! Anyway, our standards were seemingly very high for this room in that we knew what colour we wanted the walls to be painted, the exact wallpaper we wanted for a feature wall, the type of flooring that would look best and we had even already chosen our furniture (all from IKEA). We dreamt up this specific design ourselves, amazingly agreeing on every last detail of it. True to his word, Colin had the room finished within two weeks and it looked absolutely beautiful. It was fascinating to see something Darren and I had imagined together brought to life in front of our eyes and even better in our own house. Both of our mums helped with bits and bobs as did we, but it really is Colin that we have to thank for his hard work in transforming it so quickly!


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