The Kitchen

We were lucky enough to have an extension already built onto the back of our house when we bought it. Inclusive of a large kitchen and bathroom, the extension makes the whole house more open and spacious. We felt so grateful to have landed on our feet particularly with a huge fitted kitchen that we loved the design of, but I must say – the room was in quite a state to begin with!




In fact, I can honestly say that I have never seen a room as neglected as it was. It was littered with rotting food and consequently covered in insects. Along with absolutely every cleaning product that we could think of, Darren and I recruited several helpers including his brother, both of our mums and anyone else that happened to pop by and get roped into scrubbing! Armed with sponges, mops and brushes, we spent days gutting the place, killing bugs and naturally cursing a lot. To apologise for the relentlessly awful smells (so bad that my Nanna couldn’t even enter the house!) Darren and I bought plenty of beer in, which worked as an excellent incentive – or bribe, whichever you prefer! Eventually the kitchen began to shine up and after a few more days of cleaning, it was glistening like new. We toyed with the idea of ripping the tiles up and choosing our own design but decided not to, instead focusing on getting the room finished and ready to use as soon as possible.

We opted to get rid of the red feature wall and together painted all of the walls brilliant white. Once we had finished, we sat together on some camping chairs and enjoyed left over beers with takeaway food. We were thrilled that we were finally able to use the room as a kitchen. We bought a ridiculous amount of accessories for the room as a result of its size and the amount of available storage. Our biggest buy was a black dining table with six matching chairs from IKEA, which really gave the room that special something. Before long, our kitchen looked brand new and it has since become the very heart of our first home.



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