The Bathroom

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is based within the extension at the back of our house. Its story is similar to that of the kitchen in that we decided to clean the room up and accessorise it as opposed to completely renovate it. This was in order to speed up the process of moving in as the room was fairly new in comparison to others that desperately required attention. As with the kitchen however, the bathroom required a deep clean which I got started with on the very first day.



The bathroom became another personal project room of mine and it literally took weeks to clean. By the end of the first week I had spent an unhealthy amount of time in there, having encountered enough bugs to build up immunity to the fear that I previously had. As well as having sore eyes, I also temporarily lost my sense of smell thanks to a stench of bleach strong enough to give us both a headache! It all became worthwhile however when our bathroom was clean enough to use. After I had painted, the next step was choosing flooring. We decided on vinyl as we felt we had enough laminate, tiles and carpet throughout the house. As Darren was busy working on other rooms, I went ahead and picked out some samples for us to look at. Luckily we particularly liked the same one and so booked a slot to have it fitted. When we decided we were happy enough to provide the finishing touches, we bought some storage and lots of other little accessories. After Darren and his dad had tackled a few plumbing issues, our bathroom was finally finished!



Considering we hadn’t started from scratch, this room presented us with plenty of challenges. It also took quite a bit of time for us to get used to having our bathroom downstairs, but nevertheless we’ve become rather fond of it!

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