The Living Room

The living room became our first interior project for many reasons, firstly as it was at the forefront of the house and therefore the room that Darren and I felt people would first look into from both inside and outside of it. We also felt that the living rooms in our previous homes had been great focal points and so it was important for us to make our own really special. The room itself was also in desperate need of attention.




There were originally cream walls and a red carpet, both of which we proceeded to rip out within minutes of getting our keys. Between scraping the underlay up with Darren’s brother Johnathon and dousing the place in cleaning products with our mums, Darren and I realised that we had quite different plans for the design of the room. As we chatted I learned that he wanted carpet whilst I wanted laminate flooring and we had completely different ideas in terms of a colour scheme. If our initial thoughts weren’t contrasting enough, our ideas on furniture were also opposing. I mentioned that I had my heart set on an oak TV stand, side table and photo frames, for Darren to reveal that he pictured us having all of these in black. After some top notch compromising, Darren agreed to my idea of laminate flooring and I agreed to his idea of black furniture. We found a large black and grey corner sofa with a matching arm chair that were just perfect for us. After debating several different colours for the walls including a deep purple, we painted the room bright blue with a flowery feature wall. It wasn’t long at all before we went off the colour scheme altogether and completely changed our minds! After considering every colour under the sun, we realised that we loved the idea of a monochrome themed room. The second time around we painted the walls light grey, and Darren chose a beautiful shimmery wallpaper with pretty trees on it. My uncle Daz fit the paper and Darren got on with everything else. It took a long time to finish but after adding the final touches, we absolutely fell in love with it!


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