Back to Where it All Started in Prague

It’s been almost two years since Darren and I visited Prague for the first time. Almost two years since I experienced happiness like I’d never known – until the beautifully perfect moment in which he proposed to me.

I‘m sure some of you remember me sharing the photo that told the tale and writing about it so fondly via this blog post. Now of course, Darren and I are married and we’ve shared an even happier day – the most precious ever, in fact – our wedding day. Darren promised that he would take me back to Prague when we were married, and as with everything else, he’s remained true to his word. We are going back to the start and returning to Prague to celebrate Valentines.

I’m excited to revisit Prague for many reasons. Because it’s a stunning city – the kind of beauty you can’t appreciate until you see it for yourself. Because it’s ornate and I imagine spending Valentines there will be very romantic. Because of all the cities we’ve visited and all of the ones that we plan to, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Because it was, and always will be, the place that we got engaged, the place where the happiest time of our life together really started.

From that moment on the Love Lock Bridge, everything was beautiful. The all important question Darren asked there was the start of all the good times: getting to tell our family and friends that we were engaged, planning our celebrations – and then enjoying them all, asking important people to play parts in our wedding day, deciding when and where to get married, choosing all the special touches… every second of it was amazing. I personally got to make memories with my loved ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I got to experience the moment that every little girl dreams of – walking out of a bridal fitting room in “the” dress and seeing my mum moved to tears. I got to make so many special memories with my best friend Chaz too, who was there with me through every step of planning the wedding. I shared fantastic days out with my grandparents, my mother-in-law and my auntie Lisa who all travelled to Lancaster with me to see my dress. I can’t even describe how special those times were.

I got to enjoy hen celebrations with the most important ladies in my life too. I spent a whole weekend in Manchester with my aunties and cousins and godmothers and best friends – the one and only occasion that I’ve been able to spend time with them all at the same time. It was the best girly weekend I’ve ever had. I completely cut loose, let my hair down and had ridiculous amounts of fun.

I got to see Darren enjoying plenty of time with his friends too and getting closer to my Dad than ever before, which was so important to me. The night before the wedding – my last ever as an Elrick – was simply perfect. As was every second of our wedding day and each precious memory we made on our honeymoon. It all started in Prague, when we locked our padlock on the lovers bridge and I finally said “yes” through bouts of tears. This time we are taking a padlock as husband and wife. In my mind, doing so marks the end of the last amazing chapter and the start of our next one. If it turns out to be half the adventure we’ve already shared, it’ll be more than enough for us 💍❤️

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