Cleaning Up Cancer at the Race for Life Pretty Muddy in Blackpool

Cancer Research UK is an amazing charity that is so important to me. Cancer has affected my family for years now and research into potential cures has therefore become increasingly significant to us. After raising £230 for the fab cause back in January when I completed the Dryathlon, I decided to join forces with Barrow Boobylicious for the third year running and tackle the Race for Life Pretty Muddy in Blackpool – with the aim of raising the same amount again… or ideally even more! This was our first race in Blackpool and this year’s theme was ‘Cleaning Up Cancer’. Along with my fabulous team mates, I wore a head scarf and hair rollers, a pinafore decorated with my name and who I was racing for. I carried a duster, a dust cloth, wore a pink flowery Marigold and of course bright pink lipstick. I thought the theme was even funnier than the pigs we went for last year and I couldn’t wait to get started with our attempt to clean up against that awful disease.

Trying out a new venue in a different costume with new team members was exciting – but we had absolutely no idea just how MUDDY this race was going to be. There was more mud than ever. It was thicker than ever, my body was dirtier than ever and I moaned more than ever too! But the laughs we shared were absolutely fantastic, as was the atmosphere – not to mention the incredible sense of achievement when we went down the slide holding hands, covered in dirt but beaming – because we’d raised over £1,500 for this incredible charity.

I would like to thank every single person that sponsored me or any of the other Barrow Boobylicious girls – you helped us to raise the highest amount we’ve ever raised with the least amount of team members. I’d also like to thank my Auntie Lisa – because every year when I ask myself why I’m doing this, I look at you and I see the answer. You are the reason! I’m amazed by you, I’m proud of you and I love you. Finally, thank you to my husband for all of your support. You are just fantastic and I couldn’t do it without you!

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