Honeymoon Diaries: Day 7 & Day 8

Day 7:

6am flew around and we peered out of our stateroom window straight away to catch a glimpse of Montenegro. It looked truly beautiful in the crisp sun rise. We got ready as quick as we could and raced to the top deck to watch the ship dock.

It was even more stunning from there, apart from the amount of jellyfish we could see bobbing about in the water! Next we disembarked and caught a boat to the port. All of the girls looked immaculate with their hair blowing elegantly in the wind – apart from me of course! Mine was spraying out at all angles, all over my face and even in my mouth! I looked and felt like Bridget Jones – much to Darren’s amusement. When we reached the shore we wondered what to do with our day. We hadn’t booked an excursion this time and obviously had no idea where we were going. We needn’t have worried though as a friendly local came straight over and helped us to book an open bus tour – spanning three different cities. First up was Risan! There we went into a Roman mosaic museum before heading to Perast which had a gorgeous sea side lined with bars and restaurants. We admired the architecture including the church and visited the city museum (displaying historical weapons of war as well as navy uniforms). After we went for cocktails in the sunshine and finally enjoyed Kotor where we did a walking tour of the city centre before heading back to the ship. It was formal night so we got dressed up to the Nines. I wore the same dress I wore for our engagement party and Darren wore his brand new tuxedo. He looked absolutely incredible, to the point that I couldn’t stop staring at him and feeling ridiculously proud to be his wife! We went to the captain’s reception and had photos taken with him which was really cool. After we went for a late evening meal in our main dining room, Edelweiss. We were really impressed considering we had been spoiled with al la carte restaurants so far! Finally we enjoyed a few quiet drinks in bed before our first sailing day!!!


Day 8:

Sailing day/day at sea means loads more extra activities onboard the ship so we were literally spoiled with things to do today. We decided to be different and go to a live art auction first thing. We had no intention of placing any bids, we just went along for the free champagne, raffle and art giveaway! We ended up really enjoying it though and did actually bid on a Betty Boop original (my Nanna loves her)! We went to Deck 5 to sunbathe after that as the top deck was mobbed with pool games. It was so nice to relax in the quiet just the two of us, and Darren worked out that the casino bar was really nearby – so that was handy for regular cocktail top ups! We went to Windjammer cafe for a casual tea, because it was Mexican night and we totally fancied it. Beer and nachos went down an absolute treat. Darren had enchiladas, and they were amazing too. Afterwards we watched ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on the top deck while sipping prosecco and disaronno. On one of my bar runs, I got pizza for us too (like we needed anymore food!). We fell into bed after the film, totally giddy for Greece!!!!


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