Honeymoon Diaries: Day 1 & Day 2

As our precious wedding day was documented both intricately and perfectly by our incredible photographer and videographers, I decided to write up our memories from our honeymoon too – so that in years to come we will be able to recall all the special moments with the same level of clarity! So here goes…

Day 1:

After spending a fantastic night at the Manchester Airport Crowne Plaza Hotel (consisting of great food and a few celebratory drinks), we set our morning wake up call for 3am (the exact time that I woke up on our wedding morning – happy memories!). We were tired but we didn’t let that stop us bouncing out of bed excitedly! Within two hours, we were drinking prosecco and eating breakfast buns in the Escape Lounge and two hours after that, we were popping champagne on our 7am flight to Venice! When we arrived, we checked into our hotel and had a quick power nap. Then we jumped up, got changed and spent the entire day sightseeing. Our highlights were definitely the enormous St Mark’s Square, the iconic Bridge of Sighs and the stunning views of the Grand Canal. We ate Venetian street food (ridiculously huge slices of pizza!) and found a cute bar in which we enjoyed Aperol Spritz, prosecco and lager together in the beautiful sunshine. We’d already burned the calories off – having walked 9 miles (or so we told ourselves). Later, we ventured back to our hotel and decided to dine in the restaurant next door. We enjoyed bubbly again (of course) and Darren had fillet steak with green peppers while I had grilled seabass with zucchini. It was the best fish I had ever tasted in my life! We concluded our night with a couple of drinks in bed, listening to our favourite Ed Sheeran songs.


Day 2:

Today we caught a water bus to the end of the island and enjoyed lemon crossiants in the morning sunshine. After, we walked for miles again – this time heading into a contemporary art gallery and a stunning church (Basilicia di San Marco) on the way. We stopped for lunch in a local square – I had chicken salad, Darren had pepperoni pizza and we shared a bottle of prosecco. We watched children happily feeding the birds before strolling around the city some more. We enjoyed a few more stops for afternoon drinks, including a ridiculously strong Aperol Spritz and several(!) cocktails. Soon it was tea time, so we headed to a terrace restaurant that we’d fallen in love with earlier in the day. We sat by the water as the sun set and a pianist played into the night. Darren had bruschetta, seabass with rosemary potatoes and he finished off with tiramisu. I went for seasoned shrimps, monkfish cooked in prosecco with roasted almonds and chose a summer fruit tart with chantilly cream for my dessert. We were so full but we absolutely loved our meal – Darren’s seabass totally topped mine from the night before, which we didn’t think was possible! Having said that, we didn’t know what the hell to do when it arrived with his head still intact!!! Thankfully they filleted it for him. After the meal, we had a horrifically strong Italian liquor and floated home for a quick sleep before our next adventure.


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