My ‘Be Bold in Blue’ Party for the MS Trust

Throughout Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week (24th-30th April), I learned more about MS itself, the MS Trust charity and took part in the ‘Be Bold in Blue’ campaign. On Friday 28th April, I hosted a Blue Party in my house. Darren and I dressed entirely in blue with our MS Trust t-shirts on, bought blue snacks, blue shots and made blue cocktails (that were green originally, but hey – we tried!). Yet again, my Nanna made an AMAZING cake which we sold on the night. I conducted a blue themed quiz, awarding the winning team with a bottle of blue shots. We also did a blue themed sweep stake for a bottle of wine which our friend Nathan won. On the night, we hit the £200 mark which was double my original fundraising target. Knowing that will pay for 40 information packs to be sent out to newly diagnosed MS patients makes me so happy. As always, thank you for your support, especially:

Darren – for solving the green cocktail issue by buying blue food colouring 😂

Nanna G – your cake was incredible once again 😍

Sam G & Dawn – for helping me to shush people during the quiz and for cutting the cake/selling slices 🍰

My brilliant friends – who continue to make an effort and help me out!


My Just Giving Page

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