My ‘Sock It To Eating Disorders’ Party for BEAT!

On Friday 3rd March 2017, Beat (The UK’s Eating Disorder Charity) held a ‘Sock It to Eating Disorders’ Day and so I hosted a fundraising event in my house. My other half and I dressed in our Beat t-shirts along with our silly socks and got ready to party with our lovely friends. We decorated our kitchen with pink and blue Beat balloons, stickers, posters (and even pink and blue cups!). We dished out snacks and my Nanna made an AMAZING cake; complete with Beat’s logo. We created a lucky dip by wrapping a range of gifts in both pink and blue paper. We also had a box of socks for people to guess the amount and a name draw for a bottle of Lansons Black Label Champagne. We were hoping for around 30 people to join us on the night but sadly nearly half were unable to make it. Nevertheless, we managed to fundraise a fantastic amount and I couldn’t be happier with what a success the night turned out to be!

Every present was opened in return for a £2 donation or more. Some people were lucky enough to unwrap alcohol, sweets and chocolate, whilst the other not-so-lucky ones found themselves lumbered with sex toys and babe calendars!!! My friend Sammyantha won the cake for guessing the right amount of socks in the box and another friend Francesca won the name draw for the champagne. I chose my friend Lauren as the deserving winner of the ‘best effort’ title. Her donut socks totally warranted a bottle of prosecco! Between all of these activities and the tickets I had sold in advance of the night, we raised an impressive £495. I honestly did not expect this amount after so many people were unable to attend and so – here come the thank you’s! A huge thank you to my Nanna G who made the most incredible cake – you never fail to impress! Thanks also to the fabulous Sam G – we wouldn’t have raised as much if it wasn’t for your wacky ideas! You also made me feel confident enough to have a bash at baring all in a mankini, which I never thought I would! Thanks also to Gordi – for literally having the balls to take one for the team too. Finally, a special heartfelt thank you to those that made the effort to attend and helped me to raise the amazing amount. I know you got more than you bargained for on the night, but believe me I am grateful! THANK YOU ALL.

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