What is Happiness?

Lying under a sky full of stars..

Falling asleep in the arms of someone you love..

Waking up from a picture perfect dream..

Watching the sun rise and shine..

Laughing so much you struggle to speak..

Achieving something you worked so hard for..

Getting over something you’ve struggled to deal with..

The knowledge of having a trustworthy friend..

Looking back and realising how far you have come..

Watching your favourite film with your favourite person..

Love that is strong, pure and reciprocated..

A good morning kiss..

A good night kiss..

A ‘forever yours’ kiss..

A glance or a smile that only you know..

A memory so sweet you can almost taste it..

A hot bubble bath..

Feeling content, secure and loved all at the same time..

Being told you look good..

Having someone that knows you inside and out..

HearingĀ that someone tell you that they love you..

Accepting your mistakesĀ and moving on..

Swimming freely in the warm sea..

Seeing adorable creatures and picturesque scenes..

Drifting back into that fabulous dream..

Before realising that it isn’t a dream at all..

It’s your life..

.. and it’s beautiful.

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