The Things We Learned During our First Visit to Prague

Anyone that has spoken to me recently is sure to know what a fabulous five day city break I recently spent in Prague with my boyfriend (ahem – fiancé!) Darren. Not only was it one of the most enjoyable holidays we’ve ever shared and definitely one of the most memorable, but we actually learned plenty of valuable lessons while we were there. So if you’re thinking of going to Prague (and I can’t stress enough how much you ought to), then it may be worth reading below:

The green man is a LIFE GUIDE. It’s not even worth trying to cross the road if he isn’t flashing. Trams whiz around at the speed of sound in Prague and cars seem to weave in and around them even faster. Just when you think it’s fine to make a run for it, the deafening sound of horns inform you otherwise and lead your heart to feel as though it’s going to dart out of your chest. (And possibly your arse).

Eight seconds is NOT enough time to run across a tram line. You’re expected to do it every time the timer ticks down to prompt your impending mad dash, but trust me – it is virtually impossible! Eight seconds. It may sound like a suitable amount of time but I can assure you it isn’t. The extent of the struggle associated with said eight seconds will result in copious amounts of stress, panic, sweating and fearing for your life. You’ll feel as though you need a pint after each attempt.

Trdelniks are absolutely INCREDIBLE. If you haven’t heard of them, research them. Even reading about them will make you smile. If you’ve heard the hype, you better believe it! Combining the best elements of several desserts (such as crepes, donuts, ice-cream and walnut cake), trdelniks are the most amazing creation and more importantly taste like heaven. They will make you happy. There’s no other way to describe them.

Ice bars get you EXTREMELY drunk. It’s probably due to a combination of minus temperatures and an allotted time slot. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this equals fast drinking, crazy dancing and a crippling headache the next day. That said, it is SO worth it! Such a fun experience and a must try if you do visit Prague. It’s located perfectly too –  right next to Charles Bridge.

Czech weather is ANYTHING but predictable. You can be frying in the sunshine one minute only to find yourself caught in the midst of a monsoon the next – and this is not an exaggeration at all. The weather literally does as it pleases which makes outfit planning a complex task (particularly for us girls). Think denim shorts and waterproof coats with sunglasses and shower caps. You’ve probably guessed that it’s hard to look cool in Prague.. but nobody cares.

Chocolate IS breakfast. Apparently it’s acceptable to eat Nutella as you please every morning, in addition to chocolate cereals, muffins, biscuits and cakes. It would be rude to visit Prague and not embrace this element of culture (or that’s what I told myself as I doused my croissant in the good stuff each morning!). Without a doubt, this reason itself is enough to warrant a stay in Prague!

Alcohol is SO cheap! *Top tip: look out for the student bars* Darren and I stumbled upon a small (ish) bar and went inside for a couple of drinks. A pint of lager and a large glass of white wine cost us less than the equivalent to £2! These beautiful moments do not happen in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter!).

Czech people are the kindest you will EVER meet. Imagine a nationality full of people that are friendly, helpful and talkative – and you get Czech Republic (or so Prague suggests). Just chatting to the locals for a minute or so will warm your heart. It’s so lovely to experience such kindness from complete strangers.

The architecture really DOES take your breath away. I’ve never been to a city as special or as ornate as Prague. There are so many words that I could use to describe it and hundreds of photographs that I could show you to portray it – but it’s one of those places that you need to see to believe. To sum it up, it’s a gothic city that’s beautiful, intricate and romantic – just seeing it is an experience in itself!


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