Recipe: Guilt-Free Cheesecake

I’m really pleased with my diet at the moment as I’m sticking to meal plans and calculating my macro-nutrients correctly (in other words consuming the right amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein for my body type). Most importantly, I’m eating the right amount of calories overall which is something I’ve really struggled to do in the past. Food wise, things are working for me right now. I’m getting to eat the food I enjoy whilst staying healthy and without feeling guilty. In all honesty, I couldn’t be happier – but I won’t lie about this: sticking to a meal plan does NOT stop me craving my favourite sweet treats.

You can put the girl on a diet but you can’t stop her dreaming about dessert!!

Cheesecake is my all-time favourite pudding. I’ve already blogged my own version of a delicious (and healthy-ish) recipe but it’s still very naughty and doesn’t bode well with my current eating plans. That said, everyone deserves a treat. There’s very little fun in life when you deprive yourself of the things you love! So, I try to compromise by combining elements of my favourite treats with the healthy foods that I know I should be eating. That’s exactly where this little recipe came from – my ‘guilt-free’ cheesecake that’s both tasty and really filling. It may not be quite as delicious as calorie-laden shop bought cakes but it does the trick of satisfying cravings without those horrible ‘shouldn’t have eaten that’ thoughts (that I personally know all too well). That makes it worth a try, right?! …


1 x tub of Arla protein
1 x plain digestive biscuit
1 x teaspoon of low fat margarine
1 x table spoon of frozen fruit



2x mugs
1x spoon
1x wine glass

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: In a mug, crush the biscuit until smooth (rolling pins are good for this!)

Step 2: In another mug, microwave the margarine for 10 seconds then stir the crushed biscuit in

Step 3: Pour the mixture into a wine glass (or small tumbler)

Step 4: Spoon the Arla on top and even out with a spoon

Step 5: Top with the frozen fruit and leave to set in the fridge

After a couple of hours, your guilt-free cheesecake will be ready to eat. There couldn’t be a simpler solution for curbing a craving (not for a cheesecake lover anyway!)



229kcal, 5.5g fat, 22.3g carbs and 23g protein

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