Review: Boogie Bounce (A Fun Way To Keep Fit)

I started 2016 with many New Year’s resolutions, once of which was to get fit (or fitter than I was, at the very least!). As the majority of my hobbies involve me being inactive, like writing, blogging and watching films – I decided that I needed some form of exercise to get me energised. Thinking of ideas was the easy part – it was finding something that I would enjoy and more importantly keep up that was difficult. I thought about joining a gym but the commitment of a direct debit put me off. What if I didn’t like going? It’d be a massive waste of money every month! So I thought about starting swimming again which I used to love, but it seemed so time consuming – I’m sure I spent as much time washing and drying my hair afterwards as I did in the pool! Next I looked at exercise classes, but some of the names scared the hell out of me. ‘Insanity’ sounded far too intense and I couldn’t help but associate ‘spinning’ with falling spectacularly flat on my face in true Bridget Jones style. My penultimate attempt was running, but in all honesty – I was shockingly bad. I was very close to giving up on the whole fitness front when my boyfriend Darren shouted me to look at something on his phone. Expecting yet another viral clip of a singing goat, I was surprised to see a video of an exercise class that actually looked ideal. “It’d be perfect for you,” he said as I sat and watched it with him.

The first few seconds of the video were enough to grab my attention. There were a group of girls bouncing on mini trampolines in time to club music and there were disco lights flashing. My initial thought was that it looked so much fun. By the end of the two-minute clip I was certain that I wanted to give it a go, but I really lacked in confidence. “Why don’t you just give it a try?” Darren asked, before showing me the Facebook page:


It looked fun, it sounded fun and after visiting the official BBX website, I learned many more great things about it. It seemed like the perfect combination of getting fit and partying! As a result, I was running out of reasons not to give it a go. “But I’d be so nervous,” I said to Darren. “Only the first time,” he replied, “and besides – it’s in the dark”. I watched the video again and agreed that he had a point. Even if I hated it, surely I could withstand 45 minutes in the dark before sneaking home. With that, I booked a place.

When it came to attending the class, I felt extremely nervous. I’d asked my mum to come with me so I felt slightly better than I would have if I had turned up alone, but I was still on edge. That said my nerves dissolved on entering the BBX studio at the Crown Court House in Dalton, Cumbria. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming – and everyone was really friendly, with people I’d never met smiling and saying hi. The class started and I instantly felt at ease. The lights were off, the music was on and the fun was about to start. There was a sequence of warm up songs, followed by a few high intensity tracks and finally some cool down songs. I pushed myself and tried extremely hard, and in all honesty I felt amazing. I didn’t feel like I had to hide, I didn’t feel out of my depth, instead I had so much fun and a great work out too. The music had been awesome and I loved the setup. The BBX instructor Suzanne had been stood at the front throughout, demonstrating the routines for us to follow and making sure that we knew to take a drink or pause for a break whenever we needed to. Even though it was hard, I felt reassured and had a blast bouncing away without a care in the world. How I looked was another story – quite a sight covered in sweat whilst singing along!!

Another thing I loved about the class was the variety of participants. The range of ages and abilities was huge. Some people performed the moves differently to others, some really went for it, others slowed down in places – but absolutely everyone had fun. My first BBX session was over three months ago now and I’ve attended at least once a week since. Over the course of those three months, I’ve felt my body toning and my confidence booming. I’m much happier in myself and I’ve even found the confidence (or craziness!) to take part in a local dance show with other Boogie Bouncers – some of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever met. At £5 for a 45 minute session, the classes really are great value for money. So if like I was, you are looking for something to give you an energy boost, to keep you fit, to build your confidence and to literally give you a spring in your step, then get yourself to Boogie Bounce Xtreme. Regardless of your age, ability, level of confidence or fitness – I can assure you will enjoy it!

*Be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page too, as classes are soon to be moving to both Barrow and Urswick*

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