8 Things We All Miss from Childhood

There are so many great things about childhood that just do not transfer into adulthood. Read on for the eight things that I miss the most (and feel that everyone else does too!).

Being Carried to Bed

Having the freedom to drop to the floor for a power nap was good enough, but the comfort of knowing that we’d wake up in bed was absolute bliss. Nowadays, we’re faced with the brutal reality that if we fall asleep on the sofa we’ll still be there in the morning (with a horrendously sore back!).

Chicken Nuggets, Chips and Beans

We were never judged for ordering the above at every type of restaurant that we visited. The days of feeling compelled to sample strange delicacies and sickening concoctions were a million miles away. Everything was just so straight forward. And tasty!

Daily Adventures

Even the most mundane situation could be turned into a thrilling quest. A rainy day did not necessarily equate to misery as it does now. In fact, it never did. Instead, rain signified the beginning of an intense mission to navigate around our living room furniture (also known as inflatable dinghies) without touching any floors (also known as deadly shark infested waters).

The Excitement of Staying Up Late

The prospect of being awake past our bed time was an absolute thrill. Evenings were all about pretending to be hooked on crappy programmes just to bide yourself an extra few minutes awake. Now, nothing pleases us more than an early night with a blanket and a hot water bottle. How things have changed! Sigh.

Being Perceived as Cute

Everything we did was ‘cute’. We could swear, we could cry, we could say ridiculous things – but it was always perceived as cute! Nowadays, alcohol allows us to adopt similar behaviour but unfortunately it’s perceived as cringeworthy, embarrassing, mortifying and on some occasions, even soul destroying.

Packed Lunches

These were AMAZING! Before the days of calorie concerns, a good lunch consisted of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a chocolate biscuit, a yoghurt and if you were really lucky – a cheese string too! In fact, for some reason it was more acceptable for us to eat bad food when we were children than it is now we are adults. That sucks. BIG TIME.

Climbing Everything

Trees. Walls. Roofs. Furniture. Climbing everything was mandatory and the possibilities were endless. No wonder we could afford to eat all that crappy food – we were exercising all the time without even realising it. Now the only thing we seem to climb is the stairs on our way to bed.

The Absence of Embarrassment

As kids, we felt love, happiness, excitement and all of the other lovely emotions – but embarrassment was nowhere to be seen. We felt free enough to cry, scream and snot everywhere without even a hint of a blush. We could also wear the most hideous outfits without a care in the world to what anyone thought. Those really were the days!


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