Recipe: Veggie Pitta Pizza

Once you find yourself stuck in the habit of having the same things for lunch and helplessly relying on unhealthier options, it can actually be really hard to break out of your routine and try to think of new things to eat. Recently I’ve been doing my research into healthy meals and I’ve found some great ideas, particularly for lunch times. That said, finding a meal that you know is healthy and that appeals to you is the easy part. The hard bit is finding ones that are cheap and simple to make as well. After several trials (and of course a few errors!), I’ve managed to find quite a few options that meet said criteria and I’ve decided to start sharing them with you. So my first recipe is for a veggie pitta pizza. It’s oh-so-simple to make and tastes fab. It’s also perfect for satisfying pizza cravings that I personally know very well. It couldn’t really be more straightforward. All you need is:

1 pepper

1 onion

1 pitta bread

Tomato puree

Low fat mozzarella

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4

Step 2: Place the pitta bread onto a baking tray and spread a light coating of tomato puree over it

Step 3: Slice up the pepper and onion and scatter over the pitta

Step 4: Slice 30g of the low fat mozzarella up and place evenly onto the pitta

Step 5: Place in the oven for 8 minutes or until the cheese has melted

And there you have it – a far healthier alternative to a full fat pizza which tastes great and leaves barely any mess! It’s also gloriously cheap and is a great idea for the end of the week when you’re likely to have some veg and pitta breads to use up. Obviously, you can change the ingredients to your taste and you can add meat if you want to. I just thought I’d walk you through the one I made in the photo which happened to be a simple, veggie option. As a meal, a Veggie Pitta Pizza is packed with healthy goodness – and not only in the pepper and onion! There are far less carbohydrates in a pitta bread than a doughy pizza base (or any other kind of bread for that matter) and although we all know that cheese is bad for us – some are actually full of healthy fats. Luckily, mozzarella is one of them! It’s also worth mentioning that Veggie Pitta Pizzas taste great either hot or cold.



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