What I Believe About Love

One day you will find someone that makes you lose yourself. Nothing will appeal to you or affect you quite in the way that they will. You will be taken in by every fibre of their being and you will feel powerless to stop it. Without hope or intention, you will naturally pursue love.

You will feel yourself falling every time you see them. A glance will make your heart flutter. A touch of hands will make it pound. You will begin to appreciate things that never mattered. Holding hands as you walk aimlessly together, talking for hours on end, doing nothing even.

There will be so much to smile and laugh about. You will grin for no reason. You will find yourself stifling giggles just because. You will look forward to their texts and calls. You will spend time laughing together when you should be asleep. You won’t care at all about being tired.

Their snoring will wake you in the still of the night and you will smile. You will feel blessed. When you wake again, you will think about them. Then you’ll remember that they’re beside you. You will feel lucky. You will hold them. You will say good morning and think how perfect they look.

You will feel spontaneous urges to pull them closer and kiss them. You won’t control it. You won’t care if people see it. When you are apart, you will crave those moments. You will eventually realise that they have become your addiction. You will ache. You might even go crazy.

Your heart will beat fast. You will become impulsive. You will make promises. You will say things you haven’t said before. You will argue more intensely than ever. You will feel madness and sadness and there will be tears. You will change and so will they. But the feelings won’t.

They will still remind you of who you are and how you’ve grown. The secrets you’ve told. The rules you’ve broke. The memories you’ve made. Every regret, dream and ambition that you have ever had. All of your first times and each of those lasts. Their smile will reflect your entire story.

You will forget things that made you angry.  You will forgive times they upset you. You will embrace every flaw. Their imperfections will be beautiful. They will make you feel more beautiful than you ever thought possible. Your priority will be their happiness. You will feel proud to be theirs. You will imagine spending the future by their side. Your greatest fear will be losing them.

You will understand how it feels to adore another. Caring will be instinctive. They will be inevitable. Your reason; for happiness, for life, for absolutely everything. As long as the light stays in your eyes, they will be on your mind and in your heart. Forever and always. Until the end.

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