11 Signs that Your Other Half is Also Your Best Friend

1. They give great advice.

They’ll suggest that you avoid finishing your chocolate bar because they know you’ll regret it.

You might suspect that they’ve got their eye on it, but they’re still bang on. Every time!

2. You gossip together.

It’s not unusual for your conversations to start with “You’ll never believe who ignored me today!” or even better “Guess who’s pregnant?!”

3. They’re your personal shopper.

Their critiques may be brutal (along the lines of “that dress makes you look like a drag queen”) but their honesty saves you MANY a faux pas.

4. They are quick to remind you of your previous fashion disasters.

In fact, they seem to have an entire database of all your embarrassing moments. “Remember that time you were so drunk that you…!” YES! How could they ever let you forget?!

5. They know exactly when a glass of wine is the answer to your problem.

And when it’s more appropriate to offer the bottle. And equally when it’s better to avoid alcohol at all costs because you’re far too emotional!

6. Their opinions are absolutely vital to your everyday life.

You may know exactly what you want to do but you need to know what they think you should do before you commit – as well as debate the pros and cons of course!

7. You can communicate effectively without using words.

It’s totally plausible for the two of you to hold a conversation through eye contact (and/or telepathy!). You’ve also made up words to enable code speak in public.

8. Laughter is the key to your relationship.

The banter is brilliant and you can laugh your way through anything together. Maybe you’ve had a paint fight, a food fight or water fight in the name of fun – hey, even an argument can end in giggles.

9. They’ve held your hair back while you’ve been sick.

And lied about how beautiful you look in the process, before running out to buy medicine and whatever food you’re craving. You might find yourself asking what you did to deserve them!

10. You are totally at ease with each other.

You’re happy to sport crazy hair and no make up in their company. No offence will stem from an insulting nickname nor will jealousy arise from a debate over which celebrity is hotter.

11. Nothing beats spending time with them.

It’s all about getting snuggled up, wearing your comfies, munching some goodies and binge-watching Netflix with your significant other by your side. You can’t actually think of anything more perfect.

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